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13th October, 2015

7th February, 2014


Sabrecon 2014 Updates

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What: Sabrecon – A stripped down version. When: Saturday 22nd February 2014, 9am  start Where: O2 Academy Venue, University of Leicester Warhammer 40K (40 Places) Warmachine (20 Places) Dystopian Wars (20 Places) Unfortunately due to a lack of interest, the Sabrecon convention will not be running as it normally does. There will be three tournaments […]

14th October, 2013


Cleansing of Toreldos Charity Apocalypse Game

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Held by our very own Matt Calow this month, players of Warhammer 40k set about battling their well painted armies to raise money for The Derby, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance. More pictures can be seen here:

27th July, 2013

A picture of three tiger cubs following their parent.

‘Oh have I stumbled across some tiger adoption website?’ No! here’s who we are:

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We are Leicester Sabres, a group of nationals 2013 winning gaming enthusiasts, who meet on a regular basis for a barrel of laughs. “What’s gaming got to do with tigers?” I hear you ask? Sabres is our logo – fierce, patient animals with lovely orange stripes – all of which we are not. We are […]

27th July, 2013


The new Council has come into power… mwahahaha

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*UNDER CONSTRUCTION* *PICTURES COMING SOON* The official handover from the old Council to the new was at the Geek Ball, the new council members already heaving the ‘heavy’ duty upon their mythril armour coated shoulders with the power quickly settling in.. mwahahaha… The Council are responsible for keeping the Sabres running smoothly, and everything would completely […]

26th July, 2013

Dice on Kingdom Builder game box

Game Of The Month

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Please comment for a nomination!! This is for any popular games, including board games, card games and other table top games as well as roleplay! What can you recommend others to play?? :)  

26th July, 2013

A photograph taken at Wondercon of people playing Street Fighter X Tekken and other games.

Upcoming Midlands gaming

Want to know a bit more about what’s happening in the Midlands in the next few months? Read this!

3rd October, 2013


Fresher’s Fair

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Fresher’s Fair 2013 Milling around a small wooden table decorated with the orange flag and a mountain of games and rule books shone faces embossed with feigned excitement with the hope of getting the attention of the fresh faced (or hungover, we’re not sure) new students. Oh how they sold the greatness of rolling die […]

3rd October, 2013


Hoody Competition

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The Hoody competition has now ended, and the winner was Matt Calow. The design can be seen on hoodies on Sabre’s members :) THEY SO FLUFFYY

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